Cup Lock System (CLS) ™

The Cuplock & Ringlock system scaffold can be used in different terrains and situations

Time Saving Cuplock scaffold is the solution for temporary structures – Performance stages Event grandstands etc. Small teams can erect it safely and quickly.

Economical – Easily assembled system scaffold saves timea nd labor costs
Strong – All pipe elements are made of high strength steel – STK500

Durable – All components are hot dipped galvanized and manufactured to international standard.Ring lock scaffold is durable and easily transported

Easily Stored – Individual pipe elements can be packed in bundles for easy storage and transportation. For returns, material can be packed in steel racks

Assemble Process Pictures





500mm 1500mm 2500mm
100mm 1800mm 3000mm
1300mm 2000mm
Φ48.3 X 3.25mm


600mm 1200mm 1600mm
900mm 1250mm 1800mm
1000mm 1300mm 2500mm
Φ48.3 X 3.25mm

Strengthened Ledger


Transom Beam

565mm 1300mm
795mm 1800mm
1200mm 2500mm


1300mm x 2000mm
1800mm X 2000mm
2500mm X 2000mm
Φ48.3 X 3.25mm