Lian Beng Training & Testing Centre Pte Ltd

Building and Construction Authority (Singapore)’s approved Overseas Testing Centre

Lian Beng Training and Testing Centre Pte Ltd was established between Poh Wah Shipping Agency and Construction Pte Ltd and Lian Beng Construction (1988) Pte Ltd in 1991. This joint-venture seeks to explore the growing phenomenon in the demand for foreign workers in the global market. Our testing centre is located at Dhaka, Bangladesh. Lian Beng Training and Testing Centre provides training and prepares workers for working life in the Singapore construction sector.

Lian Beng Training and Testing Centre trains and test 3 types of Skilled Evaluation Certification:

Metal Formwork
Timber Formwork
Steel Reinforcement Work

All workers need to pass any of the above trade tests in order to work as a construction worker in Singapore. Lian Beng Training and Testing Centre has also incorporated the workplace safety (a requirement from BCA) into all trades’ training syllabus. This is to improve all foreign workers’ knowledge towards the importance of safety. Every year, we train and test thousands of candidates to meet the local demand for construction workers.