Passenger cum Material Hoist

We provide passenger and material hoist for all types of construction sites. All our hoists come with reliable and complete electrical and mechanical interlock safety device such as door safety switches, slack rope switch, top wheel with double steel ropes for counterweight and bottom buffer. The overload protector and calling system is equipped according to the International Safety Standards.

With a 2 x 2000kg capacity and a lifting speed of up to 63 metres per minute, our passenger and material hoist has proven to be an ideal and cost-saving solution for transporting people and material in both low and high rise construction projects.

Automatic Greasing System

Racks, pininions and other moving parts are lubricated automatically to ensure smooth operation

Automatic Landing Device

Stable performance without interference

Simple buttons to control height accurately

Smart system that could memorise the settings and auto programme

Land automatically at set target floor

Shift to manual mode effortlessly

Safety Slip-Guide wire for
building hoists

Able to replace the follow-acting cable, so as to eliminate and reduce the potential problems of cable breaking

Able to reach any promised height

Can be placed into power supply repetitively

Choice of rise up or dismount with or without mast

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