POGA™ Formwork

Timber-beam floor formwork


High load capacity for materials-optimised use on the site
By lowering your equipment and labour costs, this system will lead to a marked rise in your site’s cost-efficiency, ensuring low costs-per-use.

A clean solution for downstand beams

The Beam forming support lets you quickly and accurately adjust the formwork for downstand beams, right down to the last millimetre. To do this, the Beam forming support is simply placed onto the secondary beams and tightened with a few blows of the hammer. This automatically pulls the side-formwork tight, for clean.

Here’s how easily the system works

1-2-4 – these are the maximum spacing for setting-up POGA™ vertical prop. Triangular marks on the beams serve as a built-in “measuring tape”.

1 mark = maximum spacing of secondary beams
2 mark = maximum spacing of props
4 marks = maximum spacing of primary beams

Labour-cost savings from innovation, intelligent system components

Now you can cut costs even more!
up to 50% fewer vertical props – meaning that much less time is needed for resetting and levelling
far fewer separate parts to be moved – so the workflows are even quicker

Reduced equipment costs thanks to maximum product optimisation

These advantages:
much lower equipment costs for the same commissioning quantity
longer service life and lower close-out costs with the new “H20” beam and the “POGA™ 30-350” vertical prop

Perfect logistics thanks to optimised system development

Benefit right across the board!
based on existing system components
reduced storage and transport volumes
multi-functional system components that can also be used in other POGA ™ formwork solutions