Poh Wah Recruitment Agency Pte Ltd (PWR)

Poh Wah Recruitment Agency Pte Ltd was established in 2006 and it is formerly known as Wah Poh Recruitment Agency Pte Ltd. We specialised in recruiting foreign workers to Singapore for various trade such as Construction, Service, Manufacturing, AVA, Marine, etc.

To date, we have recruited thousands of Bangladeshis, Indians, PRCs and Burmese to Singapore for employment. Our services are as follows:

Source & recruit foreign workers for the construction, manufacturing and marine industry. We have overseas network or associated companies based in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar and China etc.
Conduct interviews based on customers’ requirement
Provide efficient work permit application services that includes:

IPA application
Purchase of security bond
Fetching of workers upon their arrival to Singapore
Arrange medical checkup
Booking of Safety Orientation Course (If required)
Arrange verification at BCA (If required)
E-issue & arrange thumbprint at MOM

Transport workers to customers site upon completion of work permit application procedures
Provide temporary dormitory services to workers pending for WP applications
Collect WP cards and deliver to customer
Work permit renewal/transfers/cancellations
Arrange overseas interview for employers
Provide free after sales services like consultancy to workers or settle any disputes between workers & employers (if any arises)