Temporary Dormitory System

Poh Wah Group runs 3 approved dormitories in Singapore. The 3 dormitories are at 33 Senoko Way, 61 Senoko Drive and 42 Sungei Kadut Loop. Our 33 Senoko Way and 61 Senoko Drive dormitories are new dormitories set up in 2017. We have state-of-the-art security equipment as well as clean, spacious dormitories for your workers to rest. For enquiries on 61 Senoko drive dormitory, call 9151 8415 Chris. For 33 Senoko way dormitory, call 8688 6173 Don or 6841 1118. For 42 Sungei kadut loop dormitory, call 9630 7036 hanchong.

Our Dormitory Projects

Spacious room with new heavy duty bed frames and lockers.

Shoe rack (Subject to customer requirements and space availability)

  • For workers to place their safety shoes
  • Show cabinets are placed near the workers room so that they can have easy access.

Individual lockers

  • Workers can store their important documents/money/gadgets in their own individual lockers
  • Each worker is given 1 individual locker. Only himself will know the password. All workers need not worry about their personal belongings being taken.

Prayer room

  • A clean room for prayers
  • Poh Wah Dormitory recognises that everyone have different religious beliefs. A special room is designated as the sole prayer room for workers to do their daily prayers.

Water cooler

  • Multiple water coolers are placed at various locations. Workers can have access to clean drinking water at any time.

Full fire fighting equipment & system

  • Inspected and approved by qualified Fire Safety Manager
  • Our fire fighting system and equipment are vetted through and approved by a qualified Fire Safety Manager (FSM). We also hold a bi-monthly Fire Drill so that workers can familiarize themselves with what to do during an emergency. Proper fire fighting techniques are also taught to all workers to ensure that everyone plays a part in the event of a fire.

Vending machines

  • Workers who wish to buy energy-boosting drinks like Red Bull or other carbonated water may do so at any time at the vending machine located at the lobby area.

Bicycle Lots

  • Some workers choose to cycle for leisure during their off days or cycle to work. There is a secured bicycle park just next to the guard room. This ensures that there are 24-hour supervision on the bicycles.